Celebrating Brocato Publishing


Brocato Publishing is celebrating its new look, website, attitude, and brand!    This is my second blog post under the umbrella of Brocato Publishing - Touching Hearts.....Changing Lives. To touch hearts and change lives, both young and not so young, is our mission.

My first blog under Brocato Publishing was meant to honor my mother - a commandment with a promise: that it may go well with you and you may live a long life. It was entitled -  Right from my Mama's Heart. In this blog/communication, it was my hope to to help us understand that each of us has a gift and to appreciate the gift that is different from our own by accepting each person for who they are.  


My facebook page is Ivan the Giraffe and I believe you will be encouraged, find humor, wisdom and advice, friends' comments, and maybe sometimes just wonder what this quirky, little, curious giraffe is up to!!  Check out and while you are there please do me a favor and "LIKE" or for your convenience Ivan has his facebook on this blog page. Thank you.

In addition, while touring my new website  ( - I would love for you to take a peek at our store. This is where you may purchase an autographed copy of my USA NEWS/BEST BOOKS AWARD FINALIST children's book - Ivan Becomes a Hero. A wonderful adventure awaits you and your children as you continue to tour the website.  You will be given numerous opportunites to observe the extraordinary, brilliant colored mural illustrations by national award- winner, Donna H. Brooks.  Visit my illustrator page for more about this talented lady. (Her personal website is  Without a doubt, Donna made Ivan come alive.

Besides purchasing Ivan Becomes a Hero, there are DISCOUNTS when you purchase a book and a plush (discount for multiples).  I believe you and your children will love the IVAN PLUSH.  Each one depicts a different aspect of Ivan's personality such as Brave Ivan, Curious Giggly Ivan, I Like Me! Ivan, Colorful Carrier Ivan, Blingy Carrier Ivan and Sweer Mini Ivan.  Children readily identify with Ivan as he is bullied and rejected in the wildlife reserve.  Ivan learns that he is "fearfully and wonderfully made" for a purpose by God (Psalm 139:14), self-acceptance and to CELEBRATE his differences and turn them into strengths.  In the book, you will meet  Zeke the leader of the zebras and Wally the buffalo leader plus the babbling birds who annoy and then bless Ivan. Also, meet Ivan's new friend who encourages him when his fluffy tuft is bitten off by the zebras.  In the end, Ivan dances around and says with much boldness, "I like being me!" in contrast to disliking eveything about himself!  Find out how Ivan becomes an unlikely hero by rescuing a baby animal.

PLEASE CELEBRATE WITH ME by leaving a comment on my blog page.

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions as we venture into WRITE FROM THE HEART blogging.  I look forward to communicating about bullying, friendships, trials, writing, teaching, Linda's Heart Poems, Mississippi cotton fields, influences, people pleasing, inspirations, and Scriptures and on and on............

We have many miles to go -- I mean blogs!  Thank you for your visit. 

With Appreciation, Linda Rossetti Brocato/Brocato Publishing/June 20, 2012


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