The Word Above All Words

Everyone needs to find their way at one time or another.  Agree?


I was lost and God' Word – the Bible - became my compass to wholeness. I found direction that changed my course and destiny.  I have been on both sides of the fence. In the beginning, I tried to read the Bible when my religion was not working for me. I felt alone even though I was married. In crowds, I was emotionally awkward. I had lost my sense of identity. I was searching but where was my life compass?  It was a confusing time in my young life as the "mama" of a 2 year old with another precious son on the way. My friends were few because we had moved to Tennessee for my 25 year old husband's first career as a hospital administrator.  


I was college educated. Pregnant with intellectualism but spiritually barren.  We are designed by a loving God to be a "whole person" as in physically, mentally, emotionally and ....spiritually.  I felt numb trying to figure out who I was... and where I was going?  For the first time I had to admit to myself: I was LOST.  It was then that I picked up a BIG family Bible. I don't know where it came from.  Just holding it on my lap was uncomfortable – it was red with gold lettering – a beautiful book but I did not have a clue what it contained.  So I began in Genesis. I began reading all the begets - who begot who - it was like reading Greek.  I cried.  What was left?  I prayed for answers.  


God being our tender, kind, and compassionate Father had mercy on me and sent this strange lady with big blue eyes and natural blond hair.  She played the guitar and wrote uplifting praise and worship songs. She was from California and in my darkness, I was attracted to the life of God in her like a bug to the light.


I wanted to be her friend. She was peaceful - something I knew nothing about with the turmoil and upheavals in my mind and life.  Saying that, can you believe I made fun of her?  I once asked if she wanted to attend a Junior Women's Club Banquet and she said, “I have to pray about it.”  Pray about it! What? Where was her brain?  It was not rocket science.  I discovered she prayed and asked God about almost anything large or small.  She had something I had never experienced - a passion and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Remember, I said I was L-O-S-T, but I was also immensely religious. The hard circumstances of those unusual years surrounded me with despair and depression but not to the naked eye. Oh no, I was an exceptional actress. Actually, a hypocrite is someone who pretends to be what they are not. I was a pro.


Then this same amazing lady-- Mary Ellen - invited me to a Bible study on prayer in her home. I was not making fun now. I was desperate. Two other lost ladies and myself attended and we used a modern version of the Bible – Good News for Modern Man.  Good news was an understatement. When I began reading and studying under her patient blind eyes began opening as more and more light came in. I had a twinge of guilt that I was enjoying God' s Word more than the religious rules and legalism that I had hoped would give me direction. I found joy and purpose for Linda Rossetti Brocato. I will admit it has been a continual transformation from that time forth.


I discovered the most____ ?  What? What words? How do I describe the revelations of truth and grace that God lovingly gave when I opened my heart to HIM?  Sheer, childlike joy was so freeing!  Oh, by the way, my world was still a big, fat mess on the outside but I breathed a sigh of relief at the calm I experienced..... IN the storm.


One day, I found a plaque and ordered it from a magazine.  It read: "Lord Help Me to remember there is nothing that 's going to happen to me today that you and I together can't handle."  In the trials, a surrendered heart showed me His faithfulness.  


I have never regretted trading my lost life for the New Life He has provided. Are you wondering if my life has been perfect since?  NO!  Plus the big Bible – I exchanged it long ago for a much smaller one.  All the years I searched, I finally found hope, love, faith, guidance, healing, and life between the pages as I studied and asked the Holy Spirit to tutor me.     


That year......1975, I needed more than religion could offer. I needed a one on one, living relationship with Jesus. If you ask – He will lead and guide you, but you have to ask to receive. Then, thank Him for The Greatest Word Above All Words. My whole family and I still do!


Brocato Publishing - Touching Hearts/Changing Lives/LInda Rossetti Brocato    September 2012 

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