• Ivan Becomes A Hero

    Ivan Becomes A Hero

    When purchasing a hardcover book, receive a discount for each ADDITIONAL ITEM purchased from the store.   A story about a little, gangly giraffe…

  • Brave Ivan

    Brave Ivan

    This Dreamy Eye plush has personality plus! It is a favorite of adults and children. You will have to take turns snuggling with Brave Ivan! This…
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  • Sweet Mini Ivan

    Sweet Mini Ivan

    8" Sweet Mini Ivan is just that, a mini stuffed giraffe with all the fun features of this zoo favorite. A great item to brighten up any room!
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  • Blingy Carrier Ivan

    Blingy Carrier Ivan

    Little Blingy Ivan All Fancy Pals Toy Pet Carriers. Range in size from 6" - 8".  The little giraffe can be taken out of the adorable, blingy…
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  • I LIke Me!  Ivan

    I LIke Me! Ivan

    12" Flopsie bean filled plush. This one is the most like a giraffe. Great Value!  
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  • Ivan Becomes a Hero Safari Coloring Adventure

    Ivan Becomes a Hero Safari Coloring Adventure

    Discover how Ivan goes from being bullied to being celebrated!  His self-confidence increases when he remembers his mother's wise words, "You…